Rev. Mignonne

Rev. Mignonne is a speaker, an expert workshop facilitator, and a spiritual counselor.  She helps others master their potential by unlocking their creative self-expression.


Individual Spiritual Coaching Sessions are available by appointment. Sessions  last between 60-90 minutes. They may be done in person or via  Zoom.   
Healing the Heart: Letting Go of an Addiction to Romantic Love

Your heart is pounding; you can barely catch your breath. You see a vision of beauty from across the room—and before they’ve taken a seat, you’ve planned out your wedding, seen your future children, and calculated the amount of your retirement together.  My question to you—what is their name?    

This workshop focuses on how to break love addiction and discover the truth of Divine Love.  You will receive tools on how to let go of unhealthy obsession and receive strategies for cultivating self-love.  The workshop is between 3.5 to 4 hours. 
MasterMind Groups  join a select group of women as they connect using spiritual principles to make their dreams come true.